Winwin’s Cute Habit While Watching A Zombie Movie Will Make You UWU

Why is he so cute?!

Winwin stole the hearts of NCTzens once again in his recent “NCT 24hr RELAY CAM.”

| renwin/Tumblr 

First on the to-do list was to wash his face and brush his teeth, followed by a quick morning breakfast/snack of milk and cereal. (And for those of you wondering, he pours his milk first and then cereal.)

| NCT/YouTube

After some deliberation on how to spend the last half of his hour, Winwin decided to watch the Netflix zombie show Sweet Home. But what had fans uwu-ing were his reactions to the scary scenes.

| NCT/Youtube

Winwin decided to immediately take off his glasses during the scary scenes to lessen the scare factor. That way he could still see what was happening, but his blurry vision would take the scariness away. But apparently even that wasn’t enough, as he looked at the camera with wide eyes and cutely said “This is too scary to watch alone.

He eventually turned away from the TV completely, asking “This is a scary scene, isn’t it? I’ll stop for a second…” before ultimately deciding to continue watching the show later in the day. Not quite sure how effective his glasses method is, but if it works for him that’s all that matters.