Kai Was Caught Posting “Old” Photos To His Instagram And They Are Way Too Hot

Who cares how old the photos are when Kai looks that amazing!

When EXO‘s Kai posts to Instagram, you know you’re going to get some quality content and his latest posts are 100% amazing even if they were “old” photos!


Back in November 2018, Kai had a photo shoot with W Korea magazine in collaboration with Gucci. Kai’s visuals in the photo shoot were absolutely unreal!


While the photos from the shoot were amazing, Kai recently gave fans a double dose of his stunning visuals when he uploaded some of the behind-the-scenes shots from the event.


Although Kai referred to them as old photos in the comments section, the photos were completely new to EXO-L and absolutely no one could get enough of the photos!


Even when Kai threatened fans with more of the old photos, nobody was complaining and a lot of fans actually asked Kai for more!


And really, who wouldn’t want more photos of Kai being his gorgeous and stunning self!