This WIZ*ONE Played Dominoes With 500 IZ*ONE Albums… And It Goes Terribly

This would make anyone go insane.

K-Pop fans are some of the most dedicated people in the world, especially when it comes to supporting their favorites artists. This was especially the case for this fan of IZ*ONE. This WIZ*ONE decided to buy 500 albums in order to get into the groups’ fan signing event.

With the number of albums he bought, he decided to play a little game of dominoes with all the albums.

He starts getting regrets and doubts before he even begins his challenge.

Reality starts to kick in and he starts realizing how difficult this challenge is going to be.

Each attempt gets progressively better but still ends in the same result as before.

He actually starts to get some momentum and does a considerable job.

Yet, the result still ends in the same way as the previous attempts.

He even starts to learn from his past mistakes and begins to detect when the albums are going to begin falling.

He even has a couple of false scares in a couple of attempts as well.

The last attempt starts to look extremely promising, with him having over 200 albums done.

Yet, chaos occurs and the results are still the same as before.

Here is the full video below!