Here’s Why Cosmic Girls’ SeolA Immediately Deleted Her Instagram Post

She didn’t realize what happened at first.

Cosmic Girls‘ SeolA recently revealed why she deleted some of her Instagram photos due to a big misunderstanding!

It all started when she found a pretty wall with an Indonesian quote written on it near some flowers.

The whole scene was aesthetically pleasing, so she decided to upload it to Instagram, along with some other photos from her walk.

However, she soon learned what the Indonesian writing actually said!

I received a call. They told me it was not an emotional quote like I thought it would be.

— SeolA

As a matter of fact, the quote wasn’t even close to being cute or inspirational!

Please flush cleanly after you take a dump.

— Writing

Because of the writing’s pretty font and placement, she would never have guessed what it truly meant!

Since the writing was placed right next to the table with the flowers, I had no idea.

— SeolA

In the end, she decided to delete the post to avoid getting teased about it in the future.

Because of the whole situation, she adorably decided to study a bit of the Indonesian language!

Watch SeolA explain the full hilarious story below.

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)