WJSN’s Financial Situations Reveal How 7 Year Idols Handle Their Money

One of the members lost 80% of her investment!

WJSN‘s SeolA, Exy, and Soobin recently appeared on Lee Yong Jin‘s comedy reality series Yong Jin’s Health Center, which centers on the host offering advice to various celebrity guests as they bring up personal problems they are experiencing. The episode was cohosted by special guest OH MY GIRL‘s YooA due to LACHICA Gabi‘s absence.

WJSN‘s SeolA, Exy, and Soobin with Lee Yong Jin and OH MY GIRL’s YooA | 용진건강원/YouTube

Although they have been idols for over 7 years, the girls were concerned about staying relevant in the entertainment industry. Yong Jin wisely advised them to be wary of peer pressure and care for their physical health.

The host was also curious about how veteran idols spent or saved their money, so he asked about their financial situations. Exy had a typical answer. She said she split her money between investing in the stock market and her savings. She also explained that she had no interest in short-term returns but planned 40-50 years ahead.

Despite the current low in the stock market, Exy impressively managed to make a small profit from her investments!

Soobin was the complete opposite. She decided to invest heavily in expensive stocks and bitcoin, a form of cryptocurrency known for its volatility, causing her to suffer massive losses! Exy and SeolA jokingly said that the state of the financial market dictated her mood. Yong Jin shared that he had been in the same situation as Soobin and advised her to sell everything, even at a loss, to preserve her mental health.

Lastly, SeolA was the most conservative with her money. She took an old-fashioned approached and saved her money in a physical piggy bank! She explained that she could only invest in tangible things. YooA was the only other person in the room who could relate.

Idols sometimes avoid discussing their financial situations, but hopefully, WJSN opening sharing their experiences helps aspiring trainees plan for their futures!

Watch the full episode below. WJSN talks about how they’ve invested and saved their money at the 9:56 mark.

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