Who Is She: The Woman Who Went Viral For Her Impromptu Sexy Dancing At A Baseball Game

So cute!

A baseball player’s wife is going viral for her adorable charms!

Earlier this week, a video clip from the JTBC show Strongest Baseball was shared online. It was a jumbotron clip in the middle of the game, something that involves the camera featuring a lucky audience member from the stands while the players rest.

The subject of the viral video was a woman who was more than ready to bust out her best sexy dance moves as soon as she realized that she was being filmed. Everyone in the crowd fell in love with her positivity.

The baseball players down on the field also enjoyed her impromptu dance performan—especially one man whom the camera focused on.

He couldn’t take her eyes off her! It turned out that the woman was Sung Min Jung, the wife of baseball player Kim Moon Ho from the professional team Hanhwa Eagles.

The latter’s team mates joked that she should be signed to an entertainment company and become a K-Pop idol.

Where is she? Hey, you’d better sign her up into the entertainment industry!

 Baseball Player

The video clip has since been viewed millions of times on TikTok and Instagram. Netizens couldn’t help but rave over their obviously strong marriage, even saying that it looks like Kim Moon Ho “fell in love again.”

Source: Facebook and Instagram