Wonder Girls Release “Draw Me” Their Last Track Ever

After announcing their disbandment last month, JYP Entertainment‘s legendary girl group Wonder Girls has released their final track “Draw Me”.

Initial reports broke out in December with rumors that Wonder Girls’ contracts with JYP were set to expire soon and that the group would not be renewing their contracts. Later that month, it was revealed that the group would be disbanding and that members Yeeun and Sunmi would be leaving the agency altogether.

Despite going their separate ways, the group decided to record one last song together, releasing the song “Draw Me” as a final farewell to fans after ten years of promoting as a group. Although Wonder Girls has featured a total of seven members throughout the years, only the current members Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin, and Hyelim participated in the track.

Since the track was released, the members have posted on SNS, once again thanking their fans for all the support they’ve received over the years. So far, the song is only available through MelOn and Genie, and no music video has been released.

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Listen to the full track below:

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