Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin Suffered Hate for Having Darker Skin

She suffered hate comments as soon as she debuted.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Street Feast, former Wonder Girls member, Yubin spoke up about the hate comments she suffered as soon as she debuted.


When she was asked if she suffered hate comments before, she replied that she received less than the average celebrity.

But Yubin explained that she was still no exception as she suffered all sorts of hate about her appearance as soon as she debuted with Wonder Girls.

When I became a new member of Wonder Girls, people said I looked so tough that I could eat up my other members, and that my skin was so dark that I looked dirty.

– Yubin

But the hate comments weren’t just about her appearance. Yubin received hate for her voice as well.

I’ve also received a hate comment that said my voice sounded like s***.

– Yubin

She also described just how hard the hate comments were on her family.

There was a gossip column about me and prostitution. Even though it wasn’t true, my parents had a very hard time because of the malicious rumors.

– Yubin

Yubin first debuted with Wonder Girls back in 2007 and officially began her solo career in 2018 with a solo album and an appearance on Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar 2.

Source: Insight