Wonho Would Rather Live Without Exercise Than Live Without Music

He also chose arms over legs for a 12-hour workout.

Wonho recently revealed to Men’s Health that if he had to choose between a life without music and a life without exercise, he would rather give up exercise.

The former MONSTA X member is currently promoting “Lose” and is being recognized for both the catchy tune and his toned figure. Men’s Health prepared some questions for the singer, who revealed that he is his own role model, and that he continuously wants to improve on his current image.

He also referenced instant noodles as the food he has the most confidence in making, as well as the food with the most tempting smell.

They ended the segment by playing a few rounds of the balance game. He revealed that he prefers to exercise rather than diet and, after taking some time to contemplate, chose a 12-hour arm workout over a 12-hour leg workout.

Wonho also chose music over exercise and ultimately picked spicy food over mint chocolate.

It’s evident that Wonho values and enjoys working out, but music clearly takes priority in his life.

Source: YouTube


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