Wonho Revives Viral Pokémon Bread Craze In New Vlog

Will Pokémon Trainer Wonho be able to “catch em all”?

Pokémon Bread, a snack first introduced in South Korea in the 1990s, took the country by storm ever since its reintroduction in early 2022.

South Korean Pokémon Bread | SPC Samlip Corporation

Both the general public and celebrities alike took to social media to post pictures of themselves with the bread, as well as the randomized collectible stickers.

Unfortunately, the craze was cut short in March when manufacturer SPC Samlip Corporation announced that they would cease sales of Pokémon Bread due to overwhelming demand.

Despite this, no setback was enough to stop soloist Wonho from indulging in the fun and delicious treats.

In his newest ohhoho YouTube vlog on May 21, Wonho did a taste review and unboxing of Pokémon Bread from Japan.

Video thumbnail for “I tried Pokémon bread from Japan” | ohhoho/YouTube

Unlike South Korea, Japan still has regular production of Pokémon Bread, but there are differences in the bread flavors and types of stickers.

Japanese Pokémon Bread | @0chazuke/Tumblr

Wonho was gifted the bread from his friend Hayato from the J-Pop boy group ONE N ONLY.

ONE N ONLY’s Hayato poses next to a monitor of Wonho | @official_WH_jp/Twitter

Wonho started his review, excited to see the differences between Japanese Pokémon Bread and the Korean ones.

He was immediately shocked to see that the stickers on Japanese Pokémon Bread could feature more than one Pokémon.

He also noticed how the Pokémon had more dynamic posing on the stickers compared to their Korean equivalent.


Some of the Pokémon on the stickers were from newer generations that Wonho had never heard of before.

In terms of taste, the flavors of the bread were hit or miss with Wonho.

His favorite was the dorayaki (pancakes with red bean paste sandwiched in between).

Out of all of the stickers he pulled, Wonho liked the cute Pokémon the most!

His favorites were Eevee and Pikachu, as well as Sylveon.

While his experience was enjoyable, towards the end of his review, Wonho’s luck ran out as he started to get duplicate stickers.

Even with the duplicates, Wonho ended up with a pretty good haul.

Wonho’s ten Pokémon Bread stickers | ohhoho/YouTube

Being the kind person that he is, Wonho even decided to give some of the stickers away to his staff after he finished his review.

Source: ohhoho