Wonho’s Response To “Where Do You See Yourself And WENEE In Ten Years?” Was Both Shocking And Hilarious

Did he just propose? 😳

Over the weekend, Wonho held his second live virtual concert, #WeNeedLove to promote his latest album, Love Synonym #2: Right for Us.

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Wonho sang songs from both Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me and Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us. The entire concert was a love letter to his beloved fans, WENEE. He said that WENEE was his strength while preparing for the performance. He also said, “I love you” to fans in ten different languages.

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Wonho continued to share love for WENEE in every answer he gave to questions asked throughout the concert. At one point, he was asked, “Where do you see yourself and WENEE in ten years?” His response was actually quite surprising! He answered, “We will [be] happy, and we [will] have daughter and son…”


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He did, however, apologize immediately. He clarified, “Sorry, I’m joking. I hope we will be happy and always together like now.” He may say he is joking, but does he think we’re going to forget that he literally proposed too?

Later, he sang a fun version of “Ain’t About You” featuring Kiaara and concluded by holding up what appeared to be an engagement ring in a box towards the camera during his encore. It was also in a take-out container. 😳

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Stream Wonho’s “Lose” below:

Source: @official__wonho and LiveXLive