Wonho Drops New Thirst Traps And Everyone Is Losing Their Minds

Korean netizens were going crazy.

Singer Wonho recently dropped a fresh new set of thirst traps on his personal Instagram. While none of them are captioned, a picture says a thousand words, honey.

The photos soon made their way onto various Korean community sites where many were left in awe at his body.

Wonho is known to work out consistently for his physique.

He sure knows what he’s doing, but we’re not complaining.

Thank you, Lord.

He even posted a shirtless photo of him… grilling meat?

Korean netizens immediately reacted to the photos.

  • “Wow he’s a true man, grilling meat shirtless.”
  • “I can understand why gays go crazy for him.”
  • “He seems like a foreigner.”
  • “I can’t imagine the amount of work he puts into working out.”
  • “His body is amazing.”
  • “Oppa I volunteer to take your photos!”

Well, we certainly agree with that last comment! Check out his Instagram for more.

Source: theqoo
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