Wonho Took Off His Shirt During Concert Right Before Realizing His Mom Was There In The Audience

He was so surprised! 😂

Over the weekend, Wonho held his first in-person performance for the couple-day concert event We Are Young. 

Wonho with the audience at “We Are Young” concert. | @official__wonho/Twitter

While it’s his first time performing as a solo artist at an in-person concert, he still withheld a long-standing tradition. He took off his T-shirt, showing his abs before throwing it to the crowd. He even attempted to clean it off first before gifting it to a lucky fan!

I’ll try throwing it to you. Give me a second. The shirt is wet from my sweat though!

— Wonho

| @Worldwide_Wonho/Twitter

Before he threw it, he teased WENEEs (fans of Wonho) and prepared them for what was to come. His athleticism, of course, comes in handy at times like this as he throws an item out into the audience.

I’m gonna do it, I’m doing it. Whoa, what? Can you spin it [T-shirt] around?

— Wonho

| @Worldwide_Wonho/Twitter

After successfully throwing the T-shirt into the audience, he noticed someone familiar. It was none other than his mom!

Oh, wait what? Mom, you were there?

— Wonho

| @Worldwide_Wonho/Twitter

Wonho looked extremely surprised to see her! She was sitting near the fan that he threw the shirt to.

My mom is actually here, but anyways…

— Wonho

| @rabbiwbebe/Twitter

So, yeah, he almost hit his mom with his discarded T-shirt. Still, we’re sure she couldn’t be more proud of him, even if he is dissatisfied himself. You’re doing great, Wonho!

I told myself to do a better job of taking care of my physique, but I don’t think it turned out as I hoped.

— Wonho

| @rabbiwbebe/Twitter

While Wonho gave an amazing performance as always, WENEEs couldn’t get over this priceless moment from the concert! Most of us can’t imagine partially stripping mid-performance only to discover our mother present!


Reply to @usergk98bglsgh Wonho looks so shocked pls🤣🤣🤣 #wonho #wenee

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He even got some of his team of backup dancers in on the fun too! A couple of them joined in removing their own shirts.

It’s definitely an iconic Wonho concert for the history books, WENEEs!

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