Wonho’s Trainer Is In Awe Of His Muscles And Honestly Same

Wonho’s trainer even wanted him to work at his gym!

Wonho visited his condition trainer Kim Junhyeong to show WENEEs his typical stretching routine before and after he performs on stage.

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

Junhyeong walked through the routine he typically does for Wonho, starting off with a massager gun. While he worked on loosening Wonho’s leg muscles, he couldn’t help but notice how muscular he is.

If it wasn’t obvious, Wonho loves working out and has the results to show it. A great portion of his YouTube videos are various workout vlogs, either logging his normal workout routine or even trying out various types of exercise like pilates.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Even so, Wonho’s incredible physique stands out amongst avid weightlifters and exercisers. Clearly, as Junhyeong repeatedly commented on the impressive size of his muscles.

Even then Wonho remained humble, saying his legs were “chopsticks.” We’re not sure what kind of chopsticks he’s using, but we’ll let it go this time. While his body is certainly nice, his voice and dance skills are even better. Check out his most recent music video with Kiiara below!

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