Wonho’s Sweet Surprise Gift For His Staff Will Make You Go UWU

He’s so sweet!!

Wonho revealed in his latest ohhoho video that he had made surprise Valentines Day packages for his staff!

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

He had gathered a variety of sweets and protein bars to place inside cute boxes and adorable bunny shaped bags. Each one of his clothing stylists, dancers, hair stylists, make-up artists, and general staff each received one of his special packages.

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

In order to keep it a surprise, Wonho told each team that he was meeting them for an interview. His ruse worked, as all the staff were pleasantly surprised to see Wonho gift them chocolates instead.

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

It’s clear how close Wonho is with his staff, as they tease him about not hand-making the chocolates, and gush over the packaging.

Dancer 1: Even Wonho’s expression here is so charming. I could become charming after eating the chocolates.

Dancer 2: This is the way you look at us, right?

Wonho: Yeah of course. Only to you.

Dancer 1: I love you Wonho hyung.

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