You Won’t Believe Oh My Girl YooA’s Real Height

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is gaining attention for her amazing figure despite her short stature.

A lot of girl group members are known for their tall and slim figure, long limbs, and perfect proportions, but Oh My Girl’s YooA is gaining a lot of love for her amazing body proportions despite being only 160 cm tall (approximately 5’3″).

Being of such small stature, fans are amazed at how tall she looks because of her long limbs. Her long legs are especially said to be the reason why she looks taller than her real height, with a lot of fans noting that she could pass off as someone who is 170 cm tall (approximately 5’7″).

Check out her amazing proportions below!

Even when she’s wearing white jeans, her body looks amazing

Her legs are just perfect

The sporty look definitely suits her




Her proportions really are no joke.Image Source: KimDeungDeung

Anyone would think she was taller than 160cm. Image Source: KimDeungDeung

YooA has legs for days!