Woo Jin Vs. Su Hyeok—Netizens Discuss Which Hunky “All Of Us Are Dead” Character Would Be Popular In Real Life

It was a close vote, but there was a clear winner!

The apocalyptic zombie series All of Us Are Dead has been taking over headlines ever since its January 28, 2022 premiere. With its intense plot and interesting high school location, it didn’t take long for thrilling K-Drama to captivate the global audience. As viewers all over the world continue to love on the zombie production, a recent Korean online discussion board question has gone absolutely viral.

“All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

An anonymous netizen recently asked their fellow online community users who they believe would be more popular in real life, Woo Jin (played by Son Sang Yeon) or Su Hyeok (played by Solomon Park). Surprisingly enough, this one simple question exploded in popularity online with very split opinions—and we can see why.

Woo Jin has a more approachable image about him, which is why he was such a strong contender amongst netizens.

Jang Woo Jin, played by actor Son Sang Yeon.

Let’s not forget the fact that he’s also somehow both handsome and cute, which may be an additional factor!

| Netflix

Now onto Su Hyeok, who was also a very popular choice. The handsome lad has the rugged visuals that have made him a quick fan favorite.

Lee Su Hyeok, played by actor Solomon Park | Netflix

I mean look at him, it doesn’t take long to figure out why netizens thought he’d be the most popular!

| Netflix

The results were really split, with many netizens voting for Woo Jin and other netizens voting for Su Hyeok.

| theqoo

However, there was a clear winner and it was none other than…






Woo Jin!

| @04s_sy/Instagram

His approachability, loyalty, and visuals were put together to create the perfect popular formula—according to Korean netizens.

What do y’all think, do you agree with their choice?

Source: theqoo

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