woo!ah!’s Nana Gains Attention For Looking Strikingly Similar To Red Velvet’s Irene

Both girls are beautiful!

woo!ah!‘s Nana has become the talk of the town with her group’s recent comeback, “Purple”. Not only is she a stunning visual, but she’s also the whole package with a low, husky voice perfect for both rapping and singing.

She made it into the online forum,ย theqoo‘s hot topics section when people began to notice that the star looks strikingly similar to one of her sunbaes, Red Velvet‘s Irene! The fresh summer nautical concept also reminded us of an outfit Irene once sported for “Red Flavor”.

Of course, while both girls have their own charms, their smiles and eyes give us similar vibes. What do you think? Take a look for yourselves. Here’s some side-by-side comparisons.

1. Looking down, with bangs

Although Irene isn’t blonde here, their hairstyles are similar.

2. Semi-side profile

Their lips look so similar.

Interestingly enough, Nana was actually a trainee at SM Entertainment before she left the company for NV Entertainment along with bandmate Wooyeon. The two former SM Entertainment trainees then made their debut in woo!ah!. SM Entertainment’s taste is consistent if nothing else! Other lookalike pairs in the company include NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Super Junior‘s Donghae, as well as aespa‘s Winter and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

Source: theqoo

Red Velvet

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