Woozi’s Original Version of “Downpour” Is Different But Just As Heartbreaking

SEVENTEEN‘s talented singer-songwriter helped I.O.I for their very last song. After the song was released, Woozi decided to share his version of the song with some lucky fans during one of their fan meets.

I.O.I announced the release of “Downpour” earlier this year as their final goodbye song to fans. The song was written by Woozi and hand-picked by the members of I.O.I, who probably felt it was the most appropriate song to use for their final stage.

The song went on to receive an all-kill, topping multiple charts. That gave way to this hilarious GIF that fans made of Woozi giving I.O.I its chart-topping hit:


Even though Woozi’s version is only one minute long, the song is still very emotional. Fans recorded video of him playing the song from his phone while the SEVENTEEN members held microphones so fans were able to hear it.

Check out Woozi’s beautiful version here:


Woozi was also recently spotted in the studio with EXO’s Chanyeol, sparking rumors that the two are working on a track together.