“The World of The Married” Actor Lee Hak Joo Shocks Viewers With His Duality On The Show vs. On Instagram

He’s like… two different people…!?

If you watch, you know: The World of the Married actor Lee Hak Joo is getting all the hate from the viewers for his disturbingly real portrayal of the abusive, good-for-nothing boyfriend Park In Gyu — blackmailing Dr. Ji Sun Woo (actress Kim Hee Ae) and holding hostage his girlfriend Min Hyun Seo (actress Shim Eun Woo).

Lee Hak Joo in “The World of the Married”

While in the series Lee Hak Joo boasts all kinds of abominable traits a boyfriend can possibly have…

… in real life he is a cutie with all the right charms, or so it seems!

With the show’s viewer rating shooting through the roof, more viewers have grown curious about Lee Hak Joo, who received high praise from Kim Hee Ae…

He wows me. When he acts, the tension in the air is incredible. I’m willing to bet that he’s going to be the biggest scene stealer of the show.

— Kim Hee Ae

… and his UWU Instagram pictures have caught their attention for sure!

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춘천에서 내 단짝이랑

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In Chuncheon, with my best friend.

— Lee Hak Joo

For some, it’s hard to “unsee” the horrifying traces of Park Min Gyu…

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  • “Oh I don’t know… He still seems pretty intimidating to me…”
  • “I know he is nothing like the role, but his face makes me want to punch him right now!”
  • “He’s obviously doing something right… because even his cute pictures scare me.”

… but for most, his “duality” comes across sexy AF!

Watch him threaten Dr. Ji Sun Woo for money here:

Source: THEQOO