“The World of the Married” Actors Had to Be Rescued From a Dangerous Scene in the Ocean

They could’ve drowned.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

YangYang Surfing School recently shared a behind-the-scenes story of a recent scene in The World of the Married where the actors, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Moo Saeng were at risk of drowning.

The dangerous situation unfolded during the filming of a scene in Episode 14 where Kim Hee Ae’s character attempts to end her own life by drowning in the ocean.

During the part where Lee Moo Saeng’s character went in to save her, the two actors landed in a situation where they were being swept away by the strong waves.

They got swept away so far that the rescue team was ultimately deployed to rescue them from the water.

The surfing school that shared the story explained,

We received a call asking us for our cooperation for surfing rescue during the filming. Since it was a scene with Kim Hee Ae in it, we agreed to cooperate in excitement.

– YangYang Surfing School

They continued,

During the filming of Kim Hee Hae jumping into the ocean and Lee Moo Saeng going to save her, the two actors got swept away from shore.

-YangYang Surfing School

As soon as the crisis took place, the rescue team immediately carried out their rescue operations just one minute later, allowing them to bring the two actors to safety.

The surfing school also shared video footage of the rescue but took it down shortly after.

Check out the final outcome of the risky shoot below: