“The World of The Married” Viewers Are Falling In Love With Actor Jeon Jin Seo’s “Idol Visual”

Drop everything and come look at this visual! 😍

If there is anything keeping The World of The Married viewers stable amidst the insanity party that is fueled by the vicious cycle of hatred and revenge…

… it is the idol-like visual of the 13-year-old teen actor Jeon Jin Seo, who is currently playing the role of the puberty-stricken son Lee Joon Young.

Though his constantly-agitated character can be quite frustrating… 

Jeon Jin Seo in “The World of The Married” 

… viewers are finding it in their hearts to overlook the attitude — for his “looks of great potential.”

Jeon Jin Seo debuted young in 2012, as the most adorable 6-year-old boy in the industry. Since then, he has built himself quite the filmography…

The young Jeon Jin Seo

… including blockbuster K-Dramas like Legend of The Blue Sea and Mr. Sunshine.

Jeon Jin Seo in “Mr. Sunshine” 

Thanks to his K-Pop-kind of visual, but more so to his honed acting skills, Jeon Jin Seo has played the younger counterpart to many actors — like Lee Min Ho and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Jeon Jin Seo with actor Lee Min Ho

With each episode, fans are helplessly falling in love with the teen’s A+ visual game…

… which is nicely displayed on his Instagram feed, for convenient UWUs of course.

K-Drama fans look forward to continue seeing more of Jeon Jin Seo in different series!

Source: Namu Wiki