“The Worst Of Evil” Is Taking Messy K-Drama Love Triangles To The Next Level

Status: it’s complicated. Really complicated.

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Since The Worst of Evil is a gritty crime series about gangsters in 1990s Gangnam, one might not expect a love triangle. After all, these ruthless hellraisers have more than enough backstabbing “friends” and turf wars to occupy their time.

Ji Chang Wook (left) and Wi Ha Joon (right).

Even so, one of the most complicated K-Drama love triangles is now in motion. The Worst of Evil begins with a married cop couple: Park Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook) and Yoo Eui Jeong (Im Se Mi).

Im Se Mi | Disney+

At the same time, we watch DJ-turned-gangster Jung Gi Cheul (Wi Ha Joon) rise to power as the Gangnam Union’s big boss.

| Disney+

To stop a large-scale drug smuggling operation, Jun Mo goes undercover and joins Gi Cheul’s gang. Gi Cheul believes that Jun Mo is the cousin of his deceased friend, but it’s all lies. Jun Mo has no real-life connections to Gi Cheul…or so he thinks.

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Imagine Jun Mo’s surprise when he finds out that his wife was the gang boss’s first love. To avoid blowing his cover, Jun Mo tells Gi Cheul that Eui Jeong is just a friend he knows from grade school.

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Things get awkward when Jun Mo realizes that Gi Cheul is still in love with Eui Jeong after all these years, despite knowing she’s married.

Or is she? To stop Gi Cheul from prying into her personal life, which would expose Jun Mo’s true identity, Eui Jeong’s superiors advise her to tell Gi Cheul that she’s now divorced. This is news to Jun Mo…who is chauffering his wife and Gi Cheul when she drops the bomb. Ouch.

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One thing leads to another, and suddenly, the trio is at a funeral, having an extremely uncomfortable encounter. Jun Mo can’t comfort his grieving wife or pay his respects without blowing his cover, so he has to watch Gi Cheul take his place. To make matters worse, a fellow police officer, Seok Do Hyung (Ji Seung Hyun), pretends to be Eui Jeong’s ex-husband–and Gi Cheul is not happy to meet him.

Ji Seung Hyun (right).

Just when this love triangle (square?) seems like it can’t get more complicated, Jun Mo meets a mysterious woman (Bibi) who is involved in Gi Cheul’s drug smuggling operation. Will she be thrown into this mess too?

We’ll just have to wait and see! The Worst of Evil is currently airing on Disney+.