X1 Is An Eclectic Menagerie Of Animals In Fun Halloween Video

Sometimes, you just want to dress up in costume while you dance to a bop.

X1 showed their versatility, going from super hot idols to the cutest animals ever in a festive video uploaded on Halloween. The video, which was posted to their official YouTube channel, showed them performing their song “Like Always” in animal cosplay.

The members of the group were transformed into animals, with each member dressed up as something different. Seungwoo was a frog, Seungyoun a monkey, Wooseok was a bear, Yohan was a panda, Hangyul was an elephant, Junho a tiger, Dongpyo was a dog, Minhee was a giraffe, Eunsang was a very muscular lion, Hyeongjun was a bee, and Dohyon was the penguin from Toy Story 2!

X1 was formed through Mnet‘s PRODUCE X 101 program, with their debut song “Flash” having been released on August 27.

Watch the video of their ultra-cute dance Halloween-themed performance below:

Source: kstyle