X1’s Han Seungwoo Spotted with a Knee Injury During an Intense Stage Performance

Fans are concerned for his well-being.

X1 recently performed in Seoul for the 100th Annual National Sports Competition where the members sang and danced to their songs “It’s Okay” and “Flash”.

In the midst of the spectacular performance, the member that caught everyone’s attention was Han Seungwoo due to his knee injury.

During an intense choreography, Han Seungwoo was spotted grabbing for his knee and limping across the stage.

It’s been reported that Han Seungwoo also had discomfort in his knees during Mnet’s Produce X 101, which is why fans are even more worried about his well-being.

Fans who saw the clip responded with comments such as “He should really go to the hospital” and “I’m so worried. How will he do his next performance?

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight