“X1” Kim Yohan’s Fan Confesses Her Love to the Wrong Celebrity Due to a Drunken Mishap

“I want to marry you, Oppa.” – X1 Kim Yohan’s fan

Rapper Han Yo Han recently shared a screenshot of a DM exchange he had with X1 Kim Yo Han‘s fan and captioned it, “I received a DM that made me think a lot today.


The screenshot shows a message that was sent to Han Yo Han which read, “I want to marry you, Oppa” at 4:52 in the morning.

But just an hour later, she sent another message that read, “Oh, sorry about that. I must’ve had too much to drink and mistook you for Kim Yohan.

Ahead of this mishap, Han Yo Han’s visuals were compared to that of Kim Yohan in another post which caused him to express his anger due to the unflattering photo they used of him.

It appears that Han Yo Han is continuously being tormented for having a similar name to the good-looking X1 idol, and fans wonder how long these amusing mishaps will go on for.

Source: Insight