Why X1’s Kim Yohan Perfectly Fits His Lead Role In “School 2020”

The role was made for him.

Former X1 center Kim Yohan is making strides with his career.

It was confirmed on February 3 that he would take the lead role in the iconic KBS series School 2020. The series is popular for portraying realistic issues that South Korea’s youths face, as well as launching the careers of rookie actors such as Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin.

It was a role that seemed to be made for Yohan, as his character Kim Taejin is a taekwondo athelete just like himself.

Yohan has proven his taekwondo skills ever since Produce X 101.


Having trained in the sport for over thirteen years, he was good enough to win two national championships and even grab a coveted spot in the national team.

Yohan was known as an athlete who could one day represent South Korea in the Olympics had he not chosen to become an idol.

School 2020 will begin filming in March 2020 and will air sometime in August.


Source: Daum