X1’s Kim Yohan Tried to Look Sexy for His Fans at a Recent Fan Meeting

Or maybe he wasn’t even trying.

X1 recently held a fan meeting in Seoul, Korea, and among many things that made fans scream, it was photos of Kim Yohan looking sexy that drew particular attention.

What Kim Yohan was initially trying to do was cover a choreography from Produce X 101, but what turned out were very sexy photos of the idol.

For the last performance on Produce X 101, Kim Yohan performed “To My World”, so fans were excited to see how he would cover “Boyness”.

While he covered the song, Kim Yohan was seen putting his fingers to his lips and dragging it down his body, and one fan even captured the idol pretending to take a shot.

Fans who saw these photos responded with comments such as “Those eyes make me want to have soju with him“, “His eyes are a work of art“, and “He’s so sexy“.

Source: Insight