X1’s Yohan Had Trouble Cooking Food For A Fan But That Made It All The Sweeter

He may have had trouble but food made with love is the best tasting!

It’s long been said that the best-tasting food is that which was made with love and while there is actually some research to back up this saying, a ONE IT recently got to experience it first hand!


On a recent episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, X1‘s Yohan and Wooseok appeared as guests on the show and visited the Apgujeong area of Seoul and were tasked with finding a family to have dinner with.


Yohan was paired up with Kang Ho Dong and the pair quickly succeeded in their mission to find a family. Even more exciting, the family were fans of X1!


After Yohan showed off some of his award-winning Taekwondo skills, he headed to the kitchen to help the family prepare dinner. But he didn’t stop there! He also decided to make something a little special for them too!


The daughter of the family, in particular, was excited about Yohan’s special dish and as Yohan got ready to start his egg roll, he shared with her that he had made this dish a number of times for his younger sisters so he wanted to make one for her too!


Shortly after Yohan started cooking, however, he experienced a few difficulties that ultimately resulted in a not so perfect egg roll.


But even if the egg roll might not have looked perfect, it was perfect nonetheless and the family made sure he knew it with their great reactions to his cooking skills. And later when they tasted the dish, they had nothing but praise for him!


All the love that Yohan put into making the dish was definitely felt by everyone! See Yohan put some major love into his cooking in the video below: