X1’s Bromance Is Alive And Kicking, Fans Can’t Stop Squealing

They were seen going in for a kiss…

X1 may be a new group and new friends, having only known each other for a few months since Produce X 101, but their bromance is going strong!

The image in the center of many netizen’s attention is the gif of Song Hyeongjun and Kim Wooseok going in for a kiss.

It definitely got people’s attention! It wasn’t the only instance of X1’s bromance either.

When asked about their opinions on fanservice, some fans had varying opinions, from hesitancy…

I don’t like it when they make it obvious. When they are really close and look natural, I like it

– Korean Netizen

…to loving it.

It just looks kinda heart flutteringㅜㅜ I hope they do it for the rest of their lives

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann