X1’s Han Seungwoo Has Fans Going Crazy Over His Boyfriend-Like Visuals

Imagine having a boyfriend like Han Seungwoo.

Photos of X1 and VICTON‘s leader Han Seungwoo has been making its rounds and K-Netz can’t help but fall over his boyfriend-like visuals.

With his handsome face and his ability to go from cute to sexy in a snap, Seungwoo has fans hearts fluttering with his boyfriend-esque photos.

A lot of the photos the fans are loving are his cafe photos, with many wondering what it would be like to go on a cafe date with someone as handsome and perfect as Han Seungwoo. That would be living the dream!

Seungwoo is also known for his long legs and arms. Standing at 184cm, fans are freaking out, wondering how someone with such a flawless face could also have perfect proportions.

There is two things for sure, and that’s Han Seungwoo is definitely boyfriend material and that he is getting even more handsome day by day.

Source: Pann