X1’s Kim Yohan Has Fans Shook Over His Visuals At The Airport

Visual king.

Recently, X1 were seen in Incheon Airport heading to Thailand for KCON. There, Kim Yohan has fans shook with his gorgeous visuals.

The idol was seen wearing a simple black V-neck shirt, but that was enough to send fans in a frenzy over how good-looking he is. Many also appreciated how Kim Yohan always takes the time to wave at the reporters when they try to video him.

The boys of X1 were also seen riding a motorized cart to help the boys around when they arrived in Thailand. When he saw the fans crowding around the cart, he gently told them to step aside so they wouldn’t get hurt. Isn’t he such a gentleman?

Fans also agree that he looks especially manly wearing a V-neck shirt, commenting that his Adam’s apple is highlighted when he wears it and that his athletic built can be showcased with these types of clothes. His masculine charms are pouring at he walks through the airport, yet fans can still feel his warmth. What duality!

Kim Yohan suits the black V-neck. He’s so handsome.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Nate