X1’s Kim Yohan And Lee Hangyul Are The Visual Duo We All Needed At Seoul Fashion Week

Handsome boys.

On October 16, X1’s‘s Lee Hangyul and Kim Yohan blessed everyone with their gorgeous visuals at the 2020 S/S “Big Park” Collection at Seoul Fashion Week.

The idols were exploding with visuals, greeting fans with their chic visuals, waves, and finger hearts. Lee Hangyul sported khaki pants and a neon green hoodie while Kim Yohan wore a matching button-up and cardigan.

People comment how effortlessly handsome the two looked, with many freaking out over how perfect their proportions are. Both idols have long legs, which are obviously prominent thanks to their jeans and their tucked in tops.

Fans and netizens alike agree that while the outfits were rather odd and unique, the two were able to pull it off flawlessly. Just shows that a beautiful person can pull off any look!

Hopefully one day, the other boys of X1 will be able to attend Fashion Week and show off their unique styles!

Source: TheQoo