X1’s Nam Dohyun Gets Praise For His Impressive Physical Build

He’s impressing everyone.

X1‘s Nam Dohyun may only be 16 years old, but he’s already got quite the impressive physical. At his young age, he’s already 180cm. To put it in perspective, he’s almost the same height as their leader and ’94 liner member Han Seungwoo..

The idol is only in third year middle school, but he already towers over most of his members. Dohyun was able to capture many noona fans thanks to his manly image despite his young age.

People are freaking out due to how baby-faced the idol is but how fit and sculpted his body is. It sure pays off to work out, but let’s not forget that the idol is still a minor, therefore a baby to many fan’s eyes.

Source: Pann