X1’s Official Colors Gets Criticism For Being Too Similar To VICTONs

Fans are upset over how similar they are.

On July 23, X1 announced their official colors on their numerous social media accounts.

Fans started to notice the color combination looked rather familiar. They realized it’s because of how similiar it looked to VICTON‘s official fan colors. VICTON debuted three years ago, and fans are upset that the X1 staff did not do proper research and find more unique colors.

Below are VICTON’s fan colors:

Fans are saying that this was especially rude, since X1’s leader, Han Seungwoo, is also VICTON’s leader.

The thing is that the leader for both groups is Han Seungwoo, so fans are sensitive to this issue. The VICTON fans aren’t making a fuss for nothing.

– Korean Netizen

People are calling out how similar their logos are now due to the similiar color schemes.

Many have also stated that when X1 releases merchandise and uses these colors, it would look too similiar to VICTON’s merchandise. Fans of VICTON hope that X1’s staf considers changing the official colors as to respect their sunbae group as well as Han Seungwoo, who belongs in both.

Source: Pann