Yeo Jin Goo Explains Why He’s Never Been in a Relationship Before

Yeo Jin Goo has his own way of doing things.

Actor, Yeo Jin Goo, who’s 24 years old this year, recently talked about relationships and girlfriends on SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight.

On the show, Yeo Jin Goo gave off serious boyfriend vibes by making pasta for Choo Dae Yeob, who was the reporter of the episode.

And when Choo Dae Yeob asked, “Does your girlfriend like pasta?“, Yeo Jin Goo didn’t hesitate to give an honest answer.

I don’t have a girlfriend. But my parents and little brother like it.

– Yeo Jin Goo

When asked if he has no interest in dating, Yeo Jin Goo doesn’t particularly feel the urge and that he wants it to happen naturally.

I don’t really get that thought. I prefer to meet people naturally.

– Yeo Jin Goo

Prior to this interview, Yeo Jin Goo confessed that he has never dated before.

And in an interview from last year, he explained that he doesn’t feel the urge to date because he’s able to experience the emotions related to dating through his acting.

Yeo Jin Goo is set to make a variety show appearance on tvN’s House on Wheels today.

Source: Insight