Here’s Why Yeonwoo Went Through Extreme Lengths to Lose Weight During Her Time With Momoland

She was 131 pounds at 5 foot 6 inches prior to the diet.

In a recent interview revealed by bnt, Yeonwoo confessed that despite being thin already, she went through extreme lengths to lose more weight during her time with Momoland.


Yeonwoo confessed, “I used to go through extreme lengths to control my diet when I was with Momoland.

It’s been revealed that Yeonwoo maintained a weight of 88 pounds at 5 foot 6 inches during her activities with her group.

Although she was already thin at 131 pounds prior to the weight loss, Yeonwoo made extreme dieting and food control methods in order to look good on camera.

But Yeonwoo also clarified that she’s no longer maintaining that figure.

She confessed, “But now, I don’t do any exercising, so I’m all fat. I have a high fat to muscle ratio.

Yeonwoo debuted with Momoland back in 2016 and gained a lot of popularity with her gorgeous figure.

But last June, Yeonwoo dropped out of the group for health reasons.



Source: Insight