Fans Compile Evidence That Red Velvet’s Yeri Is (Not So) Secretly British

Did you know she’s 6th in line to the throne?

Red Velvet‘s Yeri was born in Seoul, South Korea, but many RedVeluvs are convinced that she is hiding her “true” British heritage.


This conspiracy theory may have originated from a Knowing Bros episode where, during a school skit, Yeri claimed to be from the United Kingdom.

She said that she is a fluent English speaker and, to prove it, said, “Hi! My name is Yeri!”


Since then, “Yeri England” and “Yeri Nationality” have become two of the most popular Yeri-related searches on Naver.


Some fans claim that Yeri isn’t just your average British citizen either; she is descended from the same royal family as Queen Elizabeth II!


After all, the “proof” of her nationality is undeniable.


The funny thing is, Yeri is kind of bad at doing a British accent.


Then again, if she was trying to hide her identity she wouldn’t try to be good at it…


…would she?


Yeri’s secret heritage has been a running joke in the Red Velvet fandom for a while now, but it gained new momentum after the announcement that “Bad Boy” (English version) would be a bonus track on the group’s new EP, Summer Magic. 


To troll netizens, RedVeluvs once again circulated rumours that Yeri is British and managed to convince people that it’s true!


Trolling fans even changed Red Velvet’s Wikipedia page as part of their rouse.


Yeri might not really be British, but just for argument’s sake: which Hogwarts house would she belong to?


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