Yes, North Korea Has Pizza, Coke, And Smartphones… Well, Kind Of

It’s a lot different from what you’re used to.

When most people think of North Korea, they imagine a barren land with limited technology. In spite of what most westerners may believe, recently released footage has revealed that North Koreans actually have access to smartphones and western food!


Japanese professor Asano, an expert on North Korea, has travelled to the country 14 times. He has shared his footage with MBC‘s PD Notebook, along with his expertise on the country.


His footage has revealed that North Koreans use smartphones daily. Research indicates that over 5 million North Koreans have smartphones!


But their smartphones aren’t the same as the ones we use. In North Korea, they have their own smartphones like the Arirang-171, Jindallae 3, and the Pyongyang Touch.


North Koreans also have access to Western foods. Local favorites include beef spaghetti, and pizza with peppers.


They often pair Western dishes with their favorite type of soda!

The label reads “코코아향 탄산단물” which translates to cocoa flavored carbonated sweet water.


Take a sneak peek at life in North Korea below:


Source: Dispatch, Wikitree and NK News