YG Employee Says Seungri Not Going to Jail Is the Funniest Thing That Has Ever Happened at Work

The anonymous YG employee expressed their opinion on Seungri not going to jail.

On Blind, a Korean app used by company employees, one poster started a thread called, “Tell me the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work.


In response, employees of all sorts of companies expressed their opinions, but the one that stood out, in particular, was written by an employee of YG Entertainment.

The employee responded to the thread with, “When Seungri didn’t end up going to jail” shocking many netizens.

Fellow netizens who saw this comment commended the comment with responses such as “The best comment of the day“, “Wow, how can anyone beat this?“, “This is real-life comedy right here“, and “I’m worried about the employee’s well-being“.

Following the charges made against Seungri surrounding the Burning Sun Scandal, the arrest warrants were dismissed by the judicial branch.

It was recently announced that Seungri will be entering the military on March 9, and he was also spotted partying with friends ahead of his enlistment.

Seungri Spotted Partying With Friends Ahead Of His Military Enlistment

As a result, the post is gaining even more momentum online for the timing and context of the YG Entertainment employee’s comment regarding Seungri.

Source: Insight