YG Entertainment Designer Revealed An Alternate Version Of BLACKPINK’s Lightstick

It had actually been made years ago.

When BLACKPINK‘s lightstick comes to mind, whether they’re fans or not, everyone can imagine the black and pink hammer. With the pink hearts and black handle, it toes the line between cute and badass.

Since lightsticks take time to work on and go through multiple changes, fans found some photos they thought could’ve been the original version.

From photos shared from one of YG Entertainment‘s “Artist Merch Designers,” there were multiple pieces of merchandise created for BLACKPINK. Sporting their logo and designed in black and pink, BLINKs were impressed with how well done they were.

What caught their attention the most was what appeared to be a lightstick in the shape of a gun.

The two-toned faux machine gun was too hard for them to miss, especially with such a long, pink barrel on the end. The lightstick wasn’t just for looks. The creator had planned functions for it.

In a detailed photo, the pink barrel was the actual light source, the trigger was the power button, and the top switches changed the three lighting modes.

Since the lightstick resembled a gun, fans couldn’t help but think of Cherry Bullet‘s lightstick, which looks like a cute water gun. It turns out this version of BLACKPINK’s lightstick was made before Cherry Bullet announced theirs. In fact, it had even been made before their debut.

The designer admitted that she had made it back in 2018. While BLINKs were wondering if it had actually been the original version, she set the record straight by explaining that it had been for a school project.

At the time, she’d been hoping to work at YG Entertainment and designed all of the merchandise above. If she were working at the company then, BLACKPINK definitely would’ve released some badass merchandise that BLINKs would’ve loved.

Even so, BLACKPINK’s official lightstick will always have a special place in fans’ hearts. What do you think of the alternate design?