YG Entertainment responds to rumors of G-Dragon and Sulli dating

G-Dragon‘s agency quickly denied the unfounded rumors that were spreading over the internet.

Recently fans have noticed that G-Dragon and Sulli were wearing the same ring in posts uploaded by the two artists and came to the conclusion that they possibly could be dating. YG Entertainment made sure those rumors were put to rest.

In a short statement by YG Entertainment, they revealed that they asked G-Dragon about the situation. Their position is as follows,

“This is a story that is completely groundless and ridiculous. We recently heard about this and asked G-Dragon ourselves. He said ‘that’s a ridiculous story’ and laughed. G-Dragon and Sulli both got that ring from a mutual friend of theirs.”

YG Entertainment

Sulli and G-Dragon can both be seen wearing the same rings.

Sulli recently broke up with long-time boyfriend Choiza, citing a difference in way of life and busy schedules. She has been posting on her Instagram and fans have been praising her for her beauty and fashion sense.

Source: Star News