YG Entertainment Vocal Trainer Exposes The Guaranteed Way To Fail An Audition

She’s worked at multiple agencies and noticed what never goes well.

K-Pop vocal trainer Sol Lee has worked at multiple entertainment agencies, including major ones like YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Based on all the times she was an additional judge for auditions, she revealed the one thing that’s guaranteed to make someone fail.

SidusHQ trainees auditioning for YG’s “MIXNINE.”

In order to prepare for an audition, it’s natural for someone to look up the entertainment company’s style and try to center their audition routine around that. Sol Lee admitted that was a major mistake, “Don’t assume that you’d know what the judges want.

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Because Gina Maeng was a trainee for twelve years, she confirmed she’d also seen that mistake many times. She even gave an example of why it always goes wrong.

Gina Maeng: I’ve never seen anyone get into a company by analyzing what the label would want and giving them what they want.

Sol Lee: That’s not possible.

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When Gina Maeng auditioned for JYP Entertainment, she learned that many of the people auditioning used sexy dance routines because J.Y. Park is known for them. It completely backfired.

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After passing the JYP Entertainment audition and speaking with the trainers who’d been judges, Gina Maeng learned why the sexy dances backfired for others. They were trying so hard to be sexy that it “made it impossible for the judges to assess their dancing skills.

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While research is important in other situations, Sol Lee made it clear to “just do what you do best.” She explained that a company could even change their plans for someone who’s talented in a way they’d never predicted.

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