YG Releases Official Statement Regarding iKON Junho And Jinhwan’s Car Accident

YG has finally released a statement.

iKON members Junhoe and Jinhwan were involved in a late night car accident due to the driver being under the influence. YG Entertainment has released an official statement regarding this matter.

On July 14, YG revealed that the car that the two members were in was involved in a car accident on July 13 around 3:40 AM KST. The two members and the driver had minor injuries and are currently resting after hospital treatment.

They felt that even with their strict internal regulations regarding drunk driving, an accident has occurred, leading them to feel a deep sense of responsibility and concern. They will go through in-depth investigations on the relevant facts and the driver involved will also follow through with police investigations.

Below is the full official statement from YG:

A few of the iKON members (Junhoe, Jinhwan) were involved in a car accident while driving down Sacheon national highway 3 towards Namhae. Driver A and the members in the car all received minor injuries and received hospital treatment before resting

We are deeply concerned and feel a big responsibility about this accident, despite our strict internal regulations regarding drunk driving. We will go through thorough investigation about the relevant facts and driver A will take part in police investigation. We truly apologize for this matter.

iKON released their third EP I Decide earlier this year on February 6.

Source: newsen