How Do ITZY’s And TWICE’s Choreography Differ?

According to one of K-Pop’s hottest choreographers…

In an episode of Jaejae‘s popular online show, MMTG, she spoke with some crew leaders from Street Woman Fighter. On the show, YGX‘s leader Leejung Lee talked a bit about her experience choreographing for different K-Pop idols.

Leejung Lee is the leader of YGX and a popular choreographer for K-Pop idols. | @leejung_lee/Instagram

Just to name a few, Leejung choreographed Sunmi‘s “pporappippam”…

Sunmi. | MMTG/YouTube 

Jeon Somi‘s “DUMB DUMB”…

Jeon Somi. | MMTG/YouTube 

… (G)I-DLE‘s “DUMDi DUMDi“…

(G)I-DLE. | MMTG/YouTube 

… and Lisa‘s “LALISA!”

Also, on Street Woman Fighter, Leejung and YGX’s choreography for Jessi‘s song “Cold Blooded” was chosen by Jessi and PSY as the best. Leejung has worked with a ton of different artists with totally different concepts!

Leejung’s choreography in “Cold Blooded.” | Jessi/YouTube 

While each choreography certainly has Leejung’s unique color and showcases her talent for finding memorable dances, they’re also tailored to match each artist’s style. Leejung explained that there’s one difference that stands out when choreographing for TWICE and ITZY, two artists she has worked with numerous times.

| MMTG/YouTube 

With TWICE, Leejung pointed out that they often dance in unison regardless of who is singing at the moment. The visual effect of having all the members doing the same moves is undeniably cool! Leejung choreographed “Alcohol-Free,” “I Can’t Stop Me,” “FANCY,” and “Breakthrough.”

For TWICE, their dance is all synchronized.

— Leejung Lee

| MMTG/YouTube 

On the other hand, Leejung explained, “It’s the opposite for ITZY.” Instead of having everybody dance in sync, the person singing is often doing something different! This naturally makes them stand out more and brings the audience’s focus to them. Leejung choreographed “WANNABE,” “ICY,” and “MAFIA In the morning!”

It’s the opposite for ITZY. If Yeji’s the one singing, she’ll do a different move.

— Leejung Lee

| MMTG/YouTube 

She also talked about the style of some other artists she’s worked with! When it comes to Sunmi, Leejung said, “Sunmi’s moves are quite groovy. Her moves are soft and breezy.

| MMTG/YouTube 

And for BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, Leejung said that she was able to put in “everything [she] wanted to.” So the “LALISA” choreography is full of Leejung’s style!

| MMTG/YouTube 

Even at such a young age, Leejung has definitely mastered how to highlight an artist’s personal style while also adding in her own flair. Check out the article below to learn more about her!

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