Men Are Bringing Photos Of A Male Idol To Their Plastic Surgeon In Hopes Of Recreating His Iconic Side Profile

Here’s the science behind his flawless visuals.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Kim, nose surgery is currently one of the most common types of surgery among Korean men. Lately, there’s one male idol that many men look to for the perfect nose.

These days, a lot of men bring in photos of Kim Yohan.

— Dr. Kim

| JT TV/YouTube

Dr. Kim states that many people often look to Kim Yohan for their ideal nose, since he has a tall and straight nose bridge.

| @y_haa.n/Instagram

Yohan has a sharp nose tip but it also appears rounded from the front, giving his face overall good proportions.

| @y_haa.n/Instagram

In general, Dr. Kim recommends a straight, high nose bridge like Yohan for a masculine and cool look.

He also reveals that for an ideal nose, the angle from the forehead to the top of the nose should be around 110-135 degrees…

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…and the angle of the nose to the lip should be between 90-95 degrees.

| JT TV/YouTube

It’s no wonder Yohan is praised for his sunning profile —  He fits these criteria perfectly!

Source: TheQoo