Yoo Ah In Says Life Is Not Fun Anymore Because He Accomplished All of His Goals

“I feel like I’ve accomplished all of my goals.” – Yoo Ah In

Actor Yoo Ah In recently spoke in an interview about his upcoming film, Alive with Park Shin Hye where he also opened up about his reason he chose to appear on MBC’s I Live Alone.

Regarding his rare variety show appearance, Yoo Ah In confessed,

I wanted to try different things. I decided to switch things up because I feel like I’ve accomplished all of my goals.

– Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In, who came up to Seoul from Daegu and debuted through an advertisement in 2003, expressed that he has done everything he wanted to do.

I fulfilled all of my simple and secular desires. Surprisingly, I accomplished many things that I could make into goals. To be honest, life isn’t fun anymore.

– Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In then went on to share that he wanted a new goal that was beyond his secular desires.

I thought about what kind of goals I should work towards as an actor and a human being. I thought about how to use myself, where to send myself, and what should power me.

– Yoo Ah In

He explained,

After taking my desires away, belief, responsibility, and conscience began to surface. They’re things I need to have as a human being. I want to become a sunbaes for my hoobaes.

– Yoo Ah In

Following this interview, there is much anticipation for what Yoo Ah In will have to offer in his upcoming film, Alive, as well as his appearance in the variety show, I Live Alone.

Best of luck to the talented actor.


Source: Insight