Yoo Ah In’s Perspective On Celebrities In Past Interview Resurfaces

His response recently went viral.

Actor Yoo Ah In filmed an interview with GQ Korea just three months ago, and recently, a clip from the interview went viral as netizens noticed something eerily prophetic about what he said in light of his recent drug scandal.

Actor Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In, an acclaimed actor and social activist, shocked the nation when it was revealed he tested positive for the prescription drug propofol.

On February 8, it was reported that the actor was being investigated for habitual and illegal use of the drug and had been called into the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency two days prior, where he was informed that he was banned from leaving the country.

Drug test results released later in February confirmed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for propofol abuse and had used the drug 73 times in one year.

Further results showed that the actor tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine as well.

Amid the shock, netizens discovered an answer Yoo Ah In gave in his recent GQ Korea interview about celebrities that foreshadowed netizens’ response to the scandal that would erupt shortly after the interview aired.

Yoo Ah In and fellow celebrities Zico, Jay Park, actor Wi Ha Joon, and CL were questioned about 2022 to kick off the new year.

One question was, “What are worries that turned out to be nothing?

Yoo Ah In read the question and quickly answered that a meaningless worry would be “Worrying about celebrities.”

His answer began to trend on a popular online Korean community board, where many netizens continued to condemn Yoo Ah In in light of the ongoing investigations.

Though he didn’t expand upon his statement regarding worrying about celebrities, netizens agreed with the sentiment and couldn’t help recognizing the irony of his statement considering the turn of events.

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Source: YouTube and Nate Pann
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