Yoo Ah In’s Co-Stars Wish For His K-Movies To Premiere Amidst Drug Controversy, Sparks Fierce Debate Online

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Actor Yoo Ah In who is famous for his roles in Chicago Typewriter (2017), #Alive (2020), and Hellbound (2021) among others, is under hot waters following the revelation that he has illegally taken marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, and propofol. His agency claimed that his fear of needles led him to request for the latter, saying, “He has a phobia of needles because he has been struggling with a skin condition and so he requested anesthesia for the treatments.”

Yoo Ah In | Netflix

The public did not take kindly to the response. Severe backlash followed, with talks of his latest movies being halted from premiering. Several of his co-stars have since come forward on Instagram to plead for their shows and films to continue being aired, one of them being actor Hyun Bong Sik who is also on the movie The Match which was scheduled to air on Netflix this year.

I can’t help but feel bummed. It’s such a shame. I would like to see the movie The Match premiere…I really want to watch it. I’m not lying this time.

— Hyun Bong Sik

| @bongsikh/Instagram

Kim Young Woong is an other co-star who took to Instagram to share his opinion on Yoo Ah In’s drug issue. He played a small role in Goodbye Earth, an upcoming Netflix original show which was originally set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2023. In his post, he admitted that he was “about to lose everything” due to its premiere possibly being cancelled.

#GoodbyeEarth #NetflixOriginal

I don’t know how to put this in words…but I’m about to lose everything. The casting phone call that lit up my day. The first on-set shoot that made my heart race.

— Kim Young Woong

He made it clear that he was not acquitting Yoo Ah In of any responsibility, but rather, he wanted to remind the public that the cast and crew of the show are victims and not accomplices of his crime.

But more importantly, [it’s a shame] for the countless filming staff members who worked with patience and sacrificed so much. For the cast members who were ready to bring the characters to life. For the director who wanted this more than any of us. For the scriptwriter who worked through her illness. And for the production company that worked really hard to take care of everyone on set.

What he did was wrong and he deserves the criticism. It is not my intention to defend him or support him. He should pay for what he did, obviously. But I can’t help but feel saddened by the fact that Goodbye Earth might not premiere at all, after all the time and effort that went into its production from so many people.

— Kim Young Woong

| @you_wo71/Instagram

Kim Young Woong concluded with a confession that he feels like he is paying the price for another person’s fault. He is currently at a loss on what to do, saying, “I’m nothing but a vulnerable actor living in a time of chaos. It makes me wonder how I should carry on…”

| @you_wo71/Instagram

The two posts sparked fierce debate online. A number of netizens agreed with them, saying that one person’s mistake should not mean that majority should suffer.

  • @ssskkkzzzhhh: I also want to watch The Match premiere. There is no doubt that Yoo Ah In needs to pay for his wrongdoings, and he deserves the criticism. But it makes no sense for this movie to go unseen because of one person’s mistake. This movie doesn’t belong to Yoo Ah In only. I’m not defending that actor. I believe the movie and the actor should be considered separate entities.
  • @___yezz: I’ve been looking forward to its premiere, too. Is there no way we can see it on the big screen? Haha…sigh. It’s such a shame…!

Yoo Ah In (Left) and Lee Byung Hun (Right) in The Match | Netflic

They commiserated with the less popular actors, defending them from haters by pointing out that there was nothing wrong with expressing one’s sadness during a difficult time.

People are so quick to hate on one another and spew criticism over everything they see on the internet. I have to assume it’s because their lives are miserable. I don’t see what’s wrong with you mourning your heartbreak over your movie not making it to the big screen. Where else would you post something like this? I hope you feel better.

— Netizen @sh_photo86

| Netflix

On the other hand, there were still a significant number of Koreans who expressed their disdain at all parties involved. Kim Young Woong and Hyun Bong Sik were criticized for not holding their co-star more accountable.

  • @peach_jikimi: I’m so sick of celebrities being all cowardly…stop whining to the public and trying to make us feel bad. What you should be doing is holding your co-star responsible for doing this. Are you scared of calling him out because he might make a return to the industry as Ju Ji Hoon did? Because it might affect your future casting, too?
  • @vd2022vd: IDK. I find it amusing that you would want to see a druggie. Wouldn’t this whole post have been better unsaid? Or is this some sort of a satirical shade at him?

| Netflix

In the end, there were also those who adopted a realistic point of view. By allowing both The Match and Goodbye Earth to continue airing with Yoo Ah In as their main characters, the production companies will supposedly be “excusing the actor who abused drugs.”

I don’t think the movie will premiere, though. It’ll basically be ‘excusing’ the actor who abused drugs. Please don’t ask the public for mercy and understanding. All of this is Yoo Ah In’s fault and his fault only. You can’t use words like shame and pressure the movie to be released. You could’ve called out Yoo Ah In for what he did instead. That would have been a much more relatable post. What a shame.

— Netizen @aabbccdd7571

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