Yoo In Na Showed up at IU’s Concert with 50 Popsicles All Because of a Misunderstanding

They had a popsicle party afterwards.

On a recent V Live broadcast, IU was talking about her national tour when the topic of her close friend, Yoo In Na came up.

IU explained just how often Yoo In Na visits her during her tours to show her support.

Yoo In Na often comes to my concert hall without notice. There was a time when I told her I was getting my hair dyed, and she suddenly showed up.

– IU

But when Yoo In Na actually couldn’t show up to IU’s concert in Busan, IU jokingly said, “When you come, bring Melona.

Melona is a popular melon-flavored popsicle, and the phrase became popularized online to mean “I know you’re going to come, so when you do, bring Melona“.

Although the phrase was just a joke, when IU told Yoo In Na that she was exhausted from the back-to-back concerts, she did something that no one saw coming.

Yoo In Na showed up at the following concert with 50 Melona popsicles.

IU thought back on the hilarious incident and shared that she really didn’t see it coming.

I had no idea she didn’t know what that phrase meant. We had a party with the 50 popsicles she brought.

– IU

In response, fans are leaving comments of envy such as “Melona for me, too, please“, “Their friendship is no joke“, and “I love that you two are so close“.


Source: Insight


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